Tips on raising chickens

Raising chickens is one of the best pastimes that can involve the whole family. They are an excellent animal for children to take care of and learn how to be responsible for a living thing. Chickens are great for keeping the garden and yard free of bugs. They also are very useful with their fertilization techniques. Having access to fresh eggs is the main reason most people decide to raise chickens.

Purchasing Chicks – There are plenty of places that sell chicks in the spring. Most farm supply places and feed stores will offer the chance to put in order during the winter. Once the form is filled out and sent in, you will be notified when your chicks come in at the beginning of spring. Farmers’ markets are another great place to purchase chicks right away; there’s no waiting at these places. Web sites and catalogs that offer chicks usually offer supplies for raising them as well; they all come as a kit.

There are some farms where chicks can be purchased and farmers’ markets in the spring. A variety of catalogs are available with photos of various breeds, and you can order directly from them as well. Many catalogs are also found online, with the option to purchase kits of chicks with rearing supplies.

First 60 Days – Chicks needed to be kept very warm during their first 60 days and taught how to get food and water on their own. If there isn’t an adult chicken to show them how you will need to demonstrate this. Dip their beaks into the water when you first place the dispenser in the brooding area, so they know where it is.A heat lamp with a 100-watt bulb needs to be placed in the corner for them to huddle under. These lamps can be purchased from feed stores and hardware stores.

60 Days and After – After they are big enough to move outside, usually after a couple of months in the brooding area, they will need a coop. This should provide adequate housing for the chicks, keeping them safe from the wind, rain, and excess sun. Adding a fenced in area to the coop will allow them to have a safe place for outside rummaging. They enjoy digging for bugs and small rocks, plus they like eating scraps from veggies.

When raising chickens, try to play with your chicks when they are small. This will make them more used to human contact and less skittish. Be sure to have all the needed supplies ready before the chicks are ever purchased. You risk the chance of some of them dying if the proper supplies aren’t on hand. In order to make sure your chicks don’t become dehydrated, you need to dip their beak in the water when you first show them the dispenser. If you don’t do this and there isn’t an adult chicken to show them, many dehydrate and die. If you set a grown-up chicken within your yard, it is going to obtain its personal food. For example such as grass, plant seeds or maybe pesky insects. Having said that, the chicken will need much space to do this, and a lot of folks don’t currently have that kind of room. Consequently, the ultimate way to provide for your chicken is to visit the shop and get a bag of hen feed.By following these Tips on raising chickens mentioned above definitely, you will get a great return