Making your home look good for a faster sale

In today’s difficult times it is a little bit more difficult. If you want to gain the best price for your home, there is

some extensive work you need to do before you can even think about selling. It’s not necessarily expensive

options that make your home more seIIabIe, but rather buffering up on the essentials and basics to make your

property more attractive to potential home buyers.


Be critical to your home. Home buyers always like to see a good amount of space and light in a room so

remove clutter and unnecessary objects such as toys and ornaments. Move furniture around so that they sit

better in the room. In hallways clear away coats and clutter, bathroom move and hide all your products, a

kitchen you should be removing jars, kitchen appliances and more. A clean, crisp look is what you’re going

for, is as minimal as possible. The home buyer wants to imagine themselves living there, not you.

Why not paint the house in likable neutral colours. You don’t have to buy anything expensive and will make

the place look refreshing and open. You need to appeal to as many people as possible, or just the investors
at cash for houses-


Also take a look at getting professional cleaners to freshen up carpets, tiles and more. They may cost a bit

they will most definitely be worth it. Brighten up the place further with plant pots and spray rooms with

automatic air fresheners to make them even more inviting. If you have a garden make sure this is also being

well kept. Make it look like a great place for entertaining, parties and having a family in.


Once you feel you have spruced up your home get at least three estate agents to your home to get their

overall valuation. Look for estate agents in the same area and who cater to your type of property. It’s a good

idea to check out what prices properties have sold for in your area. Simply going online and searching street

names in an area will do this.


Once viewing begins to leave it to your agent to sort everything out. They will know what home buyers are

looking for and will be able to point out the attractive features of your property. First impressions count, and

you want to be able to sell quickly, and this means appealing to as many people as possible. The more people

that like your property, the higher the selling price will be.


So make sure everything is tidy, sweep up, leave pets with a neighbour and make sure there are no unusual

smells. Turn the lights and heating on and open air out rooms. Have to park? Leave the space free for home

buyers, this will add to the whole experience


In the current climate, the only way you can guarantee a quick sale of your property is to use one of the few

genuine cash buyers of property. These types of companies can guarantee a swift sale of your property at

absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. This has become a viable and widely used option to selling on the open