Can Dental Implants Be Trusted?

Can dental implants be trusted? When you lose some of your real teeth, there is no scope for the bone to grow. With more missing teeth in the mouth of a patient, aggravated is his or her facial structure, as well.

People with multiple missing teeth switch to traditional treatments such as removable dentures in hopes of a quick solution. Since there is a lack of bone support, wearing dentures or bridges becomes a mess. This further leads to shrinkage in the lower face as well as unattractive deep curves. Owing to all these reasons, the person begins to look older than his or her real age. At this juncture, only advanced dental implants is a trusted solution to replace the problem of multiple missing teeth.

Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple teeth implant treatments are today widely carried out to address the problems associated with missing teeth. Whether you are missing only two of your teeth or even more teeth then receiving a multiple teeth implant surgery can give you permanent relief.

With great progress in dental technology, candidates can now easily get all of their 32 teeth replaced by a reputable dentist in your nearby area. Dental implants stimulate bone to grow thereby protecting the jawbone. Unlike with conventional techniques, implants do require the trimming of adjacent healthy teeth and also ensure a lifetime teeth replacement solution.

The common mistakes

Patients missing one tooth often consider the following treatment options:

a. Conventional tooth supporting bridges

b. A removable partial denture technique

In such circumstances, the benefits of family dentistry cannot be overlooked as these are greater than the conventional techniques.

Partial or even removal dentures enhance the bone restoration process at the location of missing teeth. Also, these dentures put a lot of pressure on the underlying gums and the natural teeth of the patient. This results in a weakened jawbone and further tooth loss. While people using removable dentures find discomfort and pain while speaking and chewing, implants do not cause any such pain and even enhance the eating ability in patients.

Here are some of the tremendous benefits of multiple teeth implants:

1. Dental implants look and function exactly like the real teeth.

2. Dental implants are highly comfortable and ensure stability.

3. Implants improve speech and restore a smile.

4. Adjacent natural teeth are not compromised.

5. Implants prevent bone loss.

6. Dental implants enhance the facial structures of the patients allowing him or her to look younger.

Missing multiple teeth is indeed an exasperating experience for both young and elderly. However, dental implants have evolved to cater to the oral needs of people who might have lost teeth due to accidental injury, tooth decay, gum disease or other issues. The best part about dental implant treatment from a Houston dental implant specialist is that the surgery causes nominal pain which is further treated with mild anesthesia. The painless treatments restore the smile, natural charm, and confidence of patients providing them a new hope to live positively.

In conclusion, you need to check whether you are eligible for a dental implant treatment and get the right implant surgery.