Best Practices for Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines

Email marketing usually involves using emails to solicit sales, send advertisements, and request business or donations. This method is widely preferred as an efficient and inexpensive way of building brand awareness, customer acquisition, and increasing product sales, as well as an excellent technique of fostering trust and loyalty with the customers. Besides, this marketing strategy allows direct delivery of targeted marketing message to recipients is hence delivering high-margin revenue and ensuring business owners a solid return on investment. However, to reap the most benefits of this email campaign, you must understand the main tips on writing email subject lines. Let’s look at what makes a powerful email subject line that instantly grabs your reader’s attention.

Add Personalization
Personalization is one way to increase open your rates significantly, and in most cases works well when combined with targeted automation such as post-purchase follow-ups and birthday deals. Therefore, whenever you send content, make it centered toward the individual and use merge tags to personalize your email subject lines with each recipient’s location or name – this will help you get the most of the email marketing.

Convey the Sense of Urgency
Communicating scarcity and urgency is another tried-and-true tactic that compels readers to click (or act). Use of urgent language in a creative and strategic way makes your audience feel as though they must open their email immediately or else they will miss out. For instance, you can use phrases like “24 hours left” or “one-day sales” to encourage the reader to act right away.

Keep It Sweet and Easy To Skim Through
In today’s fast-paced world, an email subject line that is hard to decipher will get your email deleted. A subject line needs to be short and to the point. In fact, a subject line of just a few words is often the most effective in boosting email open rates. Ideally, less is more, so keep it under 50 characters and remember your content is in the email body, it doesn’t need to be in the subject line too.

Make Your Reader an Offer
People love experiences and new things especially when they come free or least discounted. Make your subject line a teaser – let your reader know that by opening your email there is something of value waiting for them inside. It is even better if your offer is time sensitive because it serves as a psychological motivator. Regardless of what your offer is, you want to supply your audience with your greatest ideas and biggest discounts up front. This ensures you seize their attention right away.

The Bottom Line
In conclusion, always remember that your email subject line plays a crucial role in getting your prospect to open your message and can make or break your business intention. As a rule of thumb, keep your subject lines realistic, natural, short and most of all, highly targeted to your subscribers’ interest. By following the above tips and avoiding the common spamming don’ts, you’ll be able to strengthen your email reputation, get more emails opened and read, as well as make your email campaign successful.