Basics of a Divorce

No one would want to end their marriage, but sometimes it is a best decision to take for both husband and wife when they found no more mutual understanding between each other. There are a lot of consideration to be taken into accounts when you are filing a divorce petition. You have to decide how to divide your property, debts, and custody of your kids. There are a lot of ways your divorce could go-from simple and mannerly to expensive and horrible. There are many reasons one decided to file for a divorce such as extra marital affairs, money, lack of communication, constant arguing, unrealistic expectations, lack of intimacy and many other reasons.

There are four ways getting a divorce such as follows:

i) uncontested divorce: this is the easiest way of getting a divorce. Couple would come to an agreement on how to resolve the property, financial and custody issues without the involvement of legal practitioners. This is the most cost effective and simple ways to end your marriage;

Ii) collaborative divorce: the couple will appoint their attorney with the agreement that the issues would not go up to court. In other words, all four parties agreed to settle the case outside of the court jurisdiction. However, if later one decided to get a judge to settle the case, both parties shall appoint a new attorney to represent them during the trial. This provides an incentive for everyone to work hard towards a settlement;

iii) mediation: both parties seek a help of a third party called a mediator. A mediator is usually, but not necessarily a divorce lawyer. However, the mediator would neither represent the husband nor the wife. He shall act as a neutral party towards the settlement of disputes. Meditation can be significantly less expensive than other types of divorce but is slightly expensive than uncontested divorce;

iv) contested divorce: means both husband and wife could not come to some or all terms of the divorce. As such, both parties appoint their contested divorce lawyer to represent them in front of a judge during the trial.

The period of divorce process differs from one case to another. An uncontested divorce may take less than a month to be completed while the contested matter could take more time.

Therapy can also be important for children whose parents are divorcing because the parents might overlook the children feeling while busy with their emotional state during the period.

Lastly, coping with the divorce is the main part of the process, you may consider joining a support group, set aside time just for yourself to help you find balance and the most important part is not to worry about what other people might think or say. It is also important for you to not be scared of going out and opening up to new people.