12 things to keep in mind when selling your home

Selling a house can be a long and hectic process with the constant recommendations from near and dear ones adding to the confusion. On top of that, the emotional helter-skelter that comes with selling you home that is more that just two walls for you can be quite nerve-wrecking. Without any previous experience at selling homes, one is bound to overlook the most important background checks and steps, resulting in taking hasty and wrong decisions. Getting some expert advice is always suggested when selling your home for the first time.

Here we have listed 12 important check boxes to be ticked off when selling your home:

1) The most important part of selling you home is getting the word out. While the most convenient way may be word of mouth but the number of potential buyers, in that case, is limited. A study shows that 90% of home buyers look for houses online from companies like we buy houses houston tx these days. So don’t hesitate to put up some appealing pictures of your house online.

2) Several websites online let you post videos of your locality and view around the house, the modes of transportation and facilities available around the area. Make use of these websites to increase the number of buyers knocking at your door.

3) Even though it’s obvious to get emotional when selling your home, it is in your best interest to remember and convince yourself to look at this as a purely monetary transaction if you want to get a fair price for the property.

4) Real estate agents and their impressive commission ( 2%-6% on sale price) can be a headache, but remember, when selling a house, they are your best friends.These agents have negotiation skills and experience in handling paperwork and money transactions. They have a better understanding of the possible market price of the property and the requirements of the buyers.

5) Choose you real estate agent wisely after consulting someone reliable who has previously worked with the agent. Crosscheck with others when finalizing your agent. This is a crucial step.

6) Remember, users can be picky, so it is always safe to do small and necessary renovations in the house like a fresh coat of paint, termite resistant coating, taking care of moist patches, etc. to ensure a good price for the property.There may be additional unexpected costs.

7) When having an open house sale, expect buyers to drop by at any time, so keep the house clean and tidy and aesthetically appealing always.

8) Make a comparative study of the houses on sale, in and around the area, to put up a competitive yet suitable price for your property.

9) Keep all the paperwork and important documents updated and handy with no glitches and in accordance with the guidelines of the government.

This is a vital step and if done beforehand, speeds up the selling process.

10) Avoid the urge to put up a high and unjust price just to be safe during negotiation since it will only reduce your chances of getting potential buyers.

11) You might change your mind about your agent in the middle of the selling process, so the contract should not exceed 90 days. It can be renewed if needed , else terminated.

12) And most importantly, keep your calm and patience. This is a time consuming process and can easily take 2-3 months after the negotiation period.